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Keep an eye out for our Fall 2023 Interest Form

Web Development and Design

Interested in learning the basics of web development and design with Athena Digital Design? 

Students in our immersive, not-for-credit 8 week mini course learn skills to complete their own personal website with HTML/CSS.

No coding experience or computer science background is required. 

We will be joined weekly by our Tech Expert in Residence to provide guidance and support. 

Applications are open only to Barnard students.

Interest forms will open in Fall 2023

What students have to say . . .

Copy of adda-owl.png

"I felt that I learned enough skills to create a basic website as well as how to look up instructions for how to do things in HTML/CSS because there are always constant updates."

"I thought that my teacher and my TA were really helpful and did an excellent job of explaining the material. I really understood why we were using everything that we learned."

Already know how to code?

This fall, we are also offering  a community of practice for students interested in applying their tech skills for social change

Just some of what students have built so far!

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