Meet The Student Advisory Board

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Zakiya Lakha

    I'm Zakiya Lakha, a senior and the Chief Executive Officer for ADDA. I'm majoring in religion, but I first took the HTML/CSS class to broaden my skills, and after I learned about all the work ADDA does, I joined SAB! ADDA has helped me develop skills that I may have never been exposed to if I hadn't joined. The ADDA environment is always a supportive and encouraging one, and we always welcome more people to join and be a part of ADDA!

  • Chief of Finance

    Jessica Moreira

    I am Jessica Moreira' 22 and I am the Chief of Finance for ADDA. At Barnard, I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Education. I took the HTML/CSS class in the Fall 2019 semester and after gaining these cool coding skills, I decided that I wanted to join SAB as I was impressed by the work that ADDA does. I have been able to grow both professionally and personally at ADDA and I recommend it if you are looking for a place to challenge yourself, learn and flourish!

  • Chief of Agency

    Syeda Anjum

    My name is Syeda Anjum '21 and I am the Chief of Agency for ADDA. Double majoring in film studies and psychology has taught me the interdisciplinary nature of technology in all fields, and this inspired me to further engage with the ADDA community. ADDA gave me the confidence to explore visual design with code, and I hope to encourage other women on this path of empowerment.

  • Chief of Academy

    Cindy Espinosa

    I am Cindy Espinosa '22 and Chief of Academy for ADDA. I'm studying Computer Science. I was unsure if I wanted to pursue tech, because I didn't see anybody like me in this field, but ADDA solidified my skills, and gave me the confidence to continue on this career path wherever it takes me.

  • Chief of Marketing

    Mae Viccica

    My name is Mae Viccica '21 and I am the Head of Marketing for ADDA. I'm majoring in Political Science and joined the Student Advisory Board after taking the HTML/CSS class because I wanted to get more involved. I love the supportive environment that ADDA provides and hope that more students feel inspired to join us! ADDA helped me grow my skills in an area I had never been exposed to before, and I am proud to support our mission.

  • Chief of Admissions

    Jasmin Butler

    My name is Jasmin, and I'm Chief of Admissions at ADDA. I'm in the class of 2022, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology. Prior to becoming a Student Advisory Board member, I joined the Agency as a developer after taking the HTML/CSS class. I love that ADDA provides a welcoming and empowering space for women to learn coding skills and get experience in the field of web development. I think learning how to code is really useful, and I would encourage all Barnard students to take our classes!

  • Marketing, Finance Teams

    Eugenia Baek

    I’m Eugenia Baek ‘23 and I am very excited to be a part of ADDA’s SAB family and a TA for the HTML/CSS class! I am an aspiring Computer Science major and have been inspired by the amazing and successful board members to pursue CS despite my initial hesitations and doubts. Moreover, taking my first HTML/CSS class through ADDA has allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and has excited me to learn more about web development.

  • Marketing, Agency, Finance Teams

    Anel Abdykarimove

    Hello everyone! My name is Anel Abdykarimova and I am a sophomore at Barnard. My intended major is Computer Science along with minors in Economics and Psychology. I joined the ADDA SAB family after being inspired by HTML/CSS and JavaScript courses I took my first year. Coding is so much fun and I hope we will be able to interest you in this field too!

  • Marketing & Academy Teams

    Elise St. Amant

    Hello! My name is Elise St. Amant ’23, and I intend on majoring in neuroscience on a pre-med track. After taking an HTML/CSS class during my first year, I was inspired by the work of ADDA to educate and support women in skills that apply to all fields and disciplinaries. I joined ADDA SAB in hopes of supporting others to become more confident, well-rounded women. I believe embracing new challenges and always looking for ways to gain new skills is an imperative attitude and goal to have.

  • Finance Team

    Rhea Oh

    I am Rhea Oh ’22, double majoring in Economics and Psychology at Barnard. I joined ADDA because I gained confidence through HTML/CSS class and was inspired by its support to empower women in the computer science field. As part of SAB, I want to expose students to develop their technological skills in a comforting and supportive environment. Coding and web development are interdisciplinary skills; Join ADDA to expand your skills in diverse disciplines.

  • Academy, Finance, Agency Teams

    Amanda Napoli

    Hi! My Name is Amanda Napoli. I am a junior double majoring in Computer Science and
    Political Science. I joined ADDA Fall of 2020. I am excited to work on SAB broadening
    Barnard student’s understanding of coding and web development. In this day and age,
    web development is a useful skill for anyone!

  • Admissions team

    Mia Tuchman

    Hi! My name is Mia Tuchman and I am a junior majoring in CS. I joined ADDA because it provides an amazing and inviting community on Barnard’s campus for women to feel empowered in STEM.

  • Marketing Team 

    Lia Ma

    Hi! My name is Lia. I am an incoming sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics. After taking the HTML&CSS class at ADDA, I joined the board in Spring 2020 and will be working on the Agency side to connect local clients to our ADDA developers. Passionate about finding and solving problems, I am interested in using technical solutions to develop technological products.

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